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Berlin, Home away from home

Changing, Fascinating, Old and New all in One, BERLIN!!!

Home away from home. I fell in love with this city since the first time I enjoyed my late summer evening here in Berlin. This city never sleeps and keep fascinating me with new things that I discover through my years here. This is the most metropolis city in Germany. You can find people from at least 190 different countries live in Berlin.

How to get to Berlin?

Berlin is very accessible, it connects eastern Europe with western Europe and also Scandinavian countries to southern Europe. You can practically travel through land as well. The new Berlin and Brandenburg Airport is still under construction, will be ready in 2012. At the moment, Berlin is served by 2 airports, Tegel Airport and Schonefeld Airport. These airports connect to almost all European capitals and also some interesting destinations. Berlin also has the biggest train station, which very efficient and fascinating.

What to do in Berlin?


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You need at least four days to get a quick impression about this city. Too many things to see, to visit and to do at the same time. There is always something going on through out the years, street festival, gay parade, culture festival, Berlinalle film festival, and so on and so on. If you are fancy of Jazz, everyday you can visit different jazz club spread around town.

Getting around the city wont be a problem at all, the public transport here is amazing. You can actually travel around using public transport 24/7. It is just cool. Some sights that a must to visit in Berlin basically can be covered by hopping the public bus number 100. It passes all interesting part from the west to the east. Skip the hop on hop off touristy bus, you don’t need to pay that amount of money to enjoy similar things. From Zoo through Ku’damm, west part of the city, then Tiergarten you will pass Siege Saulle, then all the way through Potsdamer platz, then Brandenburger tor, Bundestag, Holocaust Memorial Park, all the way down unter den Linden, Museum Island, Berliner Dom and last stop at Alexander platz. You can jump to the bus anytime you like and you can have a day ticket which valid from the time you validate till 3 am the next day. More info can be seen on Berlin public transport website.

Other parts that you can see, Check point Charlie, East Side gallery, some nice areas in Hackerschermarkt, Kreuzberg and also Prenzleuer Berg with small nice boutiques and restaurants then also the Wall memorial near the Nord Bahnhof. And when you get to the city center, not to forget to visit Tacheles at Oranienburgerstr, which you never know how long more it will survives.

On Sunday, you can visit the eccentric Mauer Park, very nice place, full of International young people and artist having a good time. A whole day visit to Wansee, and other lakes nearby then carry on your trip to Potsdam old town, till Park Sannsouci are worth of visit. In the evening and late night, Berlin is a city that never sleep. You can have a drink, party, dancing, go to the club, go to after club. It has it all night long, all day long. Have fun in my home away from home!

Some pictures from Berlin!!!


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