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Yogyakarta and Its Surrounding

Yogyakarta will always be a perfect city to live in Indonesia. If I have the chance to live in Indonesia, I will choose Yogyakarta as my based. This city is full of charming, from its north part to the south part, from mountain to the sea, from city life to the traditional village and its culture, from its art to its alternative people. Yogyakarta just have it all. A perfect time to visit Yogyakarta is any month, staying around 3-4 days, you will have the chance to visit its surrounding as well.

How to get to Yogyakarta?!?!?

The easiest ways to get here is by plane. There are some connection from Jakarta, Bali, other major city in Indonesia and some international flight as well to Adi Sutjipto Airport. To get to the city center, which mean somewhere nearby Malioboro, Alun-Alun, Jalan Solo or around Prawirotaman, taxi will cost around 5USD. Last time, I flew in to Yogyakarta with Air Asia, there are some other connections as well to Yogyakarta either from Malaysia or Singapore.


28-Dec-2003 08:40, NIKON E2100, 5.2, 4.7mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 100


What to do in Yogyakarta and Around ?!?

Depends when you are landing. As usual, I set myself up first then continue with discovering the new thing in the place where I visit. Stay in any hotel in Jalan Solo or in Malioboro area is not bad at all. Some hotel likes Novotel, Ibis, and Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta are among my fav to stay. These hotel are just all what I need, comfort. Alternatively you can also stay in Malioboro street area, or further south near Prawirotaman at Jogja Village Inn.

Next thing to do is walking nearby the area and check whats going on.  First thing, you can see Tugu, where the Yogyakartan start count their 0 (read: zero) kilometer from here. From there, you can make your way to the infamous Malioboro street. I really enjoy just to see the local people do what they like to do, from singing on the street, greeting the tourists and try to sell their handicraft product. Ohhhh, Yogyakarta, I really got the feeling ‘tuk pulang ke kotamu, kurindukan dirimu’  (means: I feel like go back home, I miss you sooo). Well, I’m getting too melancholic now.  Anyway,  before forgetting, checking the souvenir shop is not too bad as well. You can easily try your skill to bargain at Pasar Bringharjo, soo many Batik and other products are being sold from Yogyakarta and nearby with very good price. But if you dont wanna bother to bargain then check  Mirota Batik shop, just opposite of pasar Bringharjo. Here you can find anything that you wanna have from Indonesia. Things that you wanna shop sooo badly in Ubud Bali, or anywhere art thingy from Indonesia. I just like this shop as for it completeness and modest price 😉


09-Apr-2009 15:27, Canon Canon DIGITAL IXUS 65, 4.5, 14.421mm, 0.125 sec


After this little shopping you can ask your driver to send you for your late lunch. Yogyakarta is very well associated with Gudeg, Gudeg Ibu Ahmad, near Selokan Mataram, is my favourite one. This city typical food, that consists of rice with jack-fruit curry, some very delicious chicken, and spicy Indonesian thingy, with tempe and sambal, it is very interesting. Ask the mild one as sometime it can be sooo spicy.  Finishing your late lunch, you can head to Prambanan Temple, very beautiful temple, not too far from the city center, to the east part.  Walking around temple to enjoy the delicacy for few hours. Just before it is getting dark, you can head to the Open Air Ramayana Ballet with Prambanan at the background. It is not everyday, so you better check the schedule.

The next day, you can start you day very early and heading to Borobudur Temple. People said, the sunrise here very amazing. Maybe, I never done it though. Well, Borobudur temple is very pretty, about 40kms north of Yogyakarta. Half of your day is already gone. The next thing to do is visiting the infamous Keraton, keraton is Palace in Javanese, where the Sultan (King of Yogyakarta) and his family live. Carry on from the palace you can also visit Water Castle, Taman Sari, then Pasar Burung Ngasem. The great thing about Yogyakarta, you can see the local do their activities at the places that you visit. It keeps amaze me, every time I visit here. The whole day is already gone, I usually prefer to stay a bit in the hotel, having a lil relax time, enjoy the pool, or anything 😉 . For your dinner, go to this restaurant. Hey ya, wanna mention here, one of my friend own this very cute Italian resto, modest but really great and nice atmosphere. Nanamia Pizzeria. Full of young people having a try how actually pizza and pasta tasted. I still remember how she, the owner, was telling me about her idea of her business. Rock on girl, you made it ;). Yeah, defo, if you happen to be in Yogyakarta and tired with the whole Indonesian food, maybe you can try this restaurant. It’s great place with local price.

Well, If you dont have enough time, then Yogyakarta, is perfect for whole 2 days, but for a longer time, you can also go as south its beaches. Some of them has very great view and spectacular as well. Beside Parang Tritis beach, you can also visit Kukup Beach, Baron Beach, and Krakal Beach. Visiting these beaches will consume your whole day.  As I said, Yogyakarta have it all, a place to be to see the real Indonesian unlike in Jakarta 😉 .

Some pictures from Yogyakarta!!!

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