The idea to write this website is coming from so many questions from friends of mine and my surrounding. How to get here, how to get there, what to do, and how much roughly I need to spend if I go there?!? on and on.

I realise that I’m a flashpacker.  Here are some characters as my own definition what is flashpacker and flashpacking. A traveler with a  rough plan and ideas for the necessary thing but actually what inside is plan with no plan. I did some research before I travel but I’m very open to accept suggestions and doing stuff independently. When I go on my holiday, sometime, I visit nice restaurants which offer nice local food, staying in the nice places, clean and not  cramping. For a longer holiday time, I bring my small notebook with me. I have my proper camera to take the moment and also some other gadget that make my traveling is more enjoyable. Traveling in a group, in some countries, I rent a car instead of squeezing myself on public transport and getting sweat, etc etc. I also have my own definition  in term choosing accommodation. Well, I set a certain budget for my accommodation, can be a little less or more, it doesn’t matter which country I travel, the different is I will get a better service and quality. Most importantly I don’t wanna be mean to myself, I like to enjoy the holiday and getting to know culture and the life of the places which I visit.

Happy Reading. 🙂
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