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Writing about Ubud always bring my memory to the green rice paddy field, walking among it, checking the art gallery along the street and alley, then having a good time enjoying the magic hands of the lady who massage me and ending my day with the super delicate the international choice of food that it offers.  I love it all being there.

How to get to Ubud?!?!


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In the good Indonesian traffic (which is quiet rare) , with no jam, you will be easily be there maximum an hour from the airport and around half an hour from the Padang Bai harbor where the ferry depart to Lombok island. Beside going straight to Ubud, usually traveler take Ubud as a 2-3 days stop over before they are heading to the north or to the south of Bali. You can walk around to discover Ubud central, as everything is nearby and like I mention before, here is full of artistic work. You can meet the local artist when they paint, when they craft, and even when they teach the next Balinese generation how to dance. and also how to cook. So many great artist from around the globe make Ubud become their home.

What to do in Ubud?!?!

Infinity Pool


Infinity Pool21-Oct-2010 00:04, Canon Canon DIGITAL IXUS 65, 2.8, 5.8mm, 0.017 sec


It really depends on what you are up to. Every time I visit Ubud, I usually spend good 3 days in Ubud. One of the time, our flight was arriving in the afternoon. After we settled with our accommodation at Beji Ubud Resort. I was swimming on our very pretty infinity pool that face to the valley and the view of the green.Some relaxing is always great on holiday. I read my book and chill out by the pool. When it gets dark, we head for our dinner while enjoying the Balinese dance performance at my favorite restaurant Cafe Lotus. Food is great here, the atmosphere is just nice.

In the next morning, I follow the road down till Suweta street than a little country side tracking among the paddy field and do the whole loop and finally back in front of the Ubud Palace.  There you can find the most traditional Pig Suckling at Warung Ibu Oka for typical way of Indonesian lunch :).

Visiting Ubud Art market, checking out what actually produced by local artist in Ubud is such a pleasure as well. Colorful basket, sandals, paintings, etc, there all you can find it and become something that really special to take it home. Then you can see how friendly the monkeys in Bali in Monkey Forest Sanctuary. After you are satisfied seeing the monkey, you can also make your way to the Goa Gajah ( Elephant Cave) even there is no elephant there.

After the whole day, exploring Ubud and its area is time to enjoy relaxation at one of the Spa in Ubud. I went to this one little spa in Ubud, called Sedona Spa for Javanese treatment. It is combination of 1 hour massage, scrub then bathing in milk or flower as ur choice. You can choose room with rice paddy field and sunset as the view.  It cost around 15USD for 1,5 hour treatment. It is really worth the money.  Finish the treatment then I head to Bebek Bengil, dirty duck restaurant, really cool place and relax. The whole day already gone.

The next day, you can join one of the famous rafting at some rivers in Ubud. There are some major rafting operators, with Bakas Levi rafting,Bali Adventure Tour and Sobek Bali. Alternatively you also can do elephant tracking  with one of those operator as well. After half of your day busy with rafting, maybe now you can relax in your hotel again, doing your own stuff or anything.

Thats a bit about Ubud, you have longer time to stay, I personally would prefer Ubud. I wont get bored by visiting one of gallery to another from one day to the next day. Have a nice and relax time at my patio accompanied by bird singing and gently wind moving.

Some photos collection of Bali!!!

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  • Ardi Pradana

    I think Ubud is the best place in Bali. It offers quiet and peaceful environment, unlike the hectic Kuta or Legian.
    There are plenty of good restaurants in Ubud, in addition to Bebek Bengil. There are also Babi Guling Bu Oka and Nuri grill 🙂

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