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Canggu, Seminyak, Legian and Kuta Area

First impression when I heard about these three words, Canggu, Seminyak,Legian and Kuta, is a hustle bustle Bali area which blended between local and international tourists. This area has white sandy beach which stretch about 8 km from the South to the North part with a gentle wave, a perfect place for a beginner surfer.


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How to get to Canggu, Seminyak, Legian and Kuta Area?!?!

From the airport to this area only takes about 20 minutes with taxi and cost about 7USD. My favourite to stay in between these three area is Seminyak. It is quieter area in comparison with Legian and Kuta and has everything, from high quality and branded shopping street, local market, dinning area, the luxury to the inexpensive and after all, it is where the best party in Indonesia that you can find and among the wildest in the world ;).

What to do in Canggu, Seminyak, Legian and Kuta Area?!?!

With the privileges of its white sandy beach, you can just stroll a long the beach, sun bathing or learn to surf. A whole day of learning to surf with the local beach boy already got me standing on the surf board. It was amazing experience and kinda addicted afterward. All inclusive class, the teacher and the surfboard from around 9 am to late afternoon will cost you not more than 20USD. Not only get to know how to surf but you also got to know the local people and the language. They are very friendly people that willing to give you some suggestion of places, where to hang out, where to eat, etc.

After the whole day dealing with beach activity, it is time to chill out at the lounge bar and enjoying Sunset. Kudeta at Seminyak is one of the location to do it. With its nice music, perfect sofa in front of the ocean, your twilight time is just perfect. The sun is already set, then you can head straight to dinner place of your choice. I personally suggest Warung Made as a place to visit. It has moderate price of full range Indonesian dishes that present nicely, and also jamming Salsa dance in the middle of the restaurant. I like the atmosphere here.

During the evening time, there are plenty of bar and lounge that offer your favorite drinks which located in Jalan Dyana Pura and Jalan Laksmana. After the night getting wilder, you can visit the clubs in Jalan Double Six and Jalan Dyana Pura or in between the area.

Other days if you stay longer in Seminyak, you can try the famous bungee jumping in front of Double six club, and also shopping at Seminyak street. It is actually a fantastic place for shopping. You can also try the introductory Balinese massage, spa and wellness before you get the real treatment in Ubud area. The Balinese massage is a real pleasure and make me addicted to it.

Well, enjoy Seminyak area, as it is famous as a trendy place with lots nice restaurants, bars, and villas that you can rent, only for daily base or a longer term. If you come to Bali in a group more than 3 people, staying in Villa is a real bargain.

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