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Jakarta, When Love and Hate Collide

Giant City, Chaos,  Traffic Jam, Best and Worst meet in One Place!!!

Expressing Jakarta, those words above are really representing. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is a very very big city in term of population and how it spreads. Many exciting thing is happening here in Jakarta, never ending traffic jam beside certain time of the day when most of the people sleep, pollution and other social problems that comes together.

How to get to Jakarta ?!?!

Almost all big city in Indonesia has connection flight to Jakarta and also almost connection to nearby capital city in South East Asia. There are direct flights to Jakarta from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Saigon and etc.  Getting around in Jakarta is a bit painful, the only proper and not expensive public transport is Bus way, but it is still way too far from efficient. If you have no concern about money, so, taxi is your best solution.

What to do in Jakarta ???


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I suggest to stay for at least 2 days and the best time is over the weekend since you will be able to try its nightlife. People said Jakarta has the best night life, which I couldn’t see it from my point of view, but no need to argue with me, you can check it out by yourself.

First day in Jakarta you can start your day to visit the National Monument, then walking down until the Istiqlal Mosque. After checking the mosque you can go straight to the Old town area, call as Kota Tua. You need to get taxi to reach Kota area. From Kota you can walk all the way down until the Sunda Kelapa Harbour. The whole day is gone already. Seeing Jakarta from different perspective, you can check the new development of shopping complex Grand Indonesia, and enjoy your dinner there. Late evening you can start to rock on to see the nightlife in Jakarta.

The next day, depends on what you are interesting on, you can either visit Ancol, the theme park at the north of Jakarta or Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Having a day trip outside Jakarta, such as visiting Bogor or one of the island at the group of Thousand Islands could be an options as well. To be honest, if you are coming from far far away from Europe or somewhere else, for your holiday Jakarta wont be an option for me, unless you have to be there for your connection flight or so.It is an expression for Love and Hate Collide!!!

Some pictures from Jakarta and Thousand Islands!!!

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