Hong Kong, Shop till Drop and Eat till You Die

Hong Kong, It is a place that you will never get hungry. I love food, I love eating, and Hong Kong is the place to be.

This city is very lively, every square meters you move, you will meet people. There is almost no empty  space, every where tall buildings. It’s like no other Asian cities that I really need to bend my neck 45 degree to be able to see the top of most of the buildings. I found myself that must be very confusing for me if I have the chance to live in Hong Kong and try to get a flat. Not only the fact that I am not able to read this Chinese character but also there are just buildings every where and apartment blocks that looks alike one to another. Thanks to the courtesy of some friends there, every time I visit Hong Kong always local Hongkese around :).

How to get to Hong Kong ?!?!

Hong Kong is one of the most connected city to other parts of the world. Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) opened commercially in 1998, passenger hub and gateway for destinations in mainland China (with over 40 destinations) and the rest of Asia and it operates twenty-four hours a day. Flights are operated by about 90 airlines to over 150 cities across the globe. In 2010, HKIA became the busiest airport by cargo traffic in the world. Cathay Pacific based in Hong Kong and one of the best airlines that I have ever flown with. It was great experienced.

What to do in Hong Kong ?!?!

As mentioned earlier what to do in Hong Kong are, Shop, Eat and Having Fun. Hong Kong has quiet integrated public transport. The subway connects one part to the other part, Hong Kong Island, new territories and other islands. Public transport is very convenience, hotel and apartment and other development usually provide shuttle bus, most of them for free to the nearest subway station or famous places nearby. Three days usually is the best amount of time to cover Hong Kong.

On your 1st day you, in the morning you can wonder around the harbor front, check around the shop and have lunch in one of the crowd dim sum restaurant. You can take boat tour around the harbor in sunny day. It was really nice experience. In the afternoon, you can carry on to check shopping mall in Hong Kong island and some parks around. Late afternoon, you can head to the Victoria pick, stay there until the twilight. You can see Hong Kong on the day light, when it is changing color and when it is dark. I love being up their. You can end your evening by having dinner on the way down.


21-Mar-2011 16:11, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D60, 10.0, 18.0mm, 0.004 sec, ISO 180


The next day, you can spend your whole day to visit Macau. Ferries to Macau from Hong Kong operate from several points, 24 hours a day at frequencies of every 15-30 minutes by day and hourly at night. Traveling around Macau the whole day is a pleasant experience. The third day, you can discover Kowloon area more, visiting Avenue of the star, amazing skyline of Hong Kong island and enjoying the symphony of the light that is performed everyday at 8pm.

Once again about food, Hong Kong is not only famous for Chinese food surely, but also other foods, seafood here is great as well as its sushi. I can say yummy yummy and very yummy. And on shopping, there is a factory outlet shop from various brand that you can visit, on your way to the airport. It is a good bargain to do shopping there.

Some pictures from Hong Kong !!!

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