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    Singapore, Fascinating City that Never Stops Growing

    You Name It and Singapore Has It All !!! I visit Singapore again!!! Yes, when I had a look at my passport the other day, I can say that It’s the country that I visited the most this last 4 years since I got my re-new passport beside Germany. I came here for various reasons, fun, work and play, also its location and well connected makes Singapore a truly hub in SEA region. She, as a country/city is always fascinating me, with its development, every time I come, there is always new building, shopping complex, etc etc, just never get enough to make the most every square feet of its…

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    Jakarta, When Love and Hate Collide

    Giant City, Chaos,  Traffic Jam, Best and Worst meet in One Place!!! Expressing Jakarta, those words above are really representing. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is a very very big city in term of population and how it spreads. Many exciting thing is happening here in Jakarta, never ending traffic jam beside certain time of the day when most of the people sleep, pollution and other social problems that comes together. How to get to Jakarta ?!?! Almost all big city in Indonesia has connection flight to Jakarta and also almost connection to nearby capital city in South East Asia. There are direct flights to Jakarta from Kuala…

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    Komodo National Park, Best place for Diving and Komodo Dragon

    It is quiet sometime ago since I wrote my last travel sharing here. Well, I was out of connection from this lovely Internet world and being on the road for sometime, anyway, it shouldn’t be an excuse. Here you go my travel  tips for Komodo National Park (KNP). This KNP is located at the east part of Indonesia, a group of some beautiful islands with some spectacular diving spots. I ve got the chances to visit at least 10 islands between Lombok and Flores also snorkeling and diving as well. How to get to Komodo National Park ??? The best way to get to KNP is flying from Bali to…

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    Sydney, Sun, Beach and Fun

    Sun, Beach, and soooo much Fun!!! 31-Dec-2005 17:59, Panasonic DMC-FX7, 5.0, 17.4mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 100 View at Picasa   Thinking about Sydney is always the blue sky, its beaches and BBQ by the sea and it was sooo much fun! Honestly the 1st time I said WOW for the blue sky when I was living in Australia. That was one of those BBQ time on the beach, and enjoying the sky as if somewhere above there has no limit. I don’t know why I have never noticed before, maybe It was just the glorious blue sky in Indonesia, then I never bother the appearance yet another sunny day 🙂…

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    Bandung and Its surrounding

    Bandung is always full of memory for me. I like it a lot how the people here dress, very stylish. Its climate is just perfect, not too cold and not too warm as other Indonesian big city. Bandung has Indonesian favorite name calls Paris van Java, I guess this means the Paris in Java. Maybe it associates with its fashion, its climate, or maybe its love. You can just easily falling in love with this tiny little town, with its food, its people, just an expression of love here and it is not so far from Jakarta.

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    Bali Island

    15-Apr-2009 13:27, Canon Canon DIGITAL IXUS 900Ti, 8.0, 7.7mm, 0.004 sec View at Picasa   In Bahasa, the language that Indonesian speaks, Bali island is famous with a name as Pulau Dewata (Island of God). So far it is still my most favorite island to be visited. I went there sooo many times, I lived there for three months for my language class, it never gets enough and I always discover new things to enjoy I love it a lot. There are many thing to talk about Bali. You can do anything in Bali, from doing nothing  (means relaxing) until everything that take you busy and super super busy during…